The Way Forward in Overseas Recycled Textile Sourcing


renu-recycleRenu Recycle make parting with a beloved old sweater or a ratty old uniform worth your while by trading them in for cash – and a good cause. Giving Cash for used clothing, belts and shoes, just monopolizing space in closets, drawers and warehouses, and gives them new meaning.

With a humanitarian approach and an environmentally conscientious system, Renu Recycle considers the best use for the old clothing they buy and how to recycle it. Reusing and recycling clothing aids developing countries in economic hardships, enables the ability for re-purposed materials, relieves slave labor by adults and children and prevents environmental clutter and distress.

Renu Recycle accepts clothing from the following groups: household individuals looking to downsize or restructure their wardrobe, private companies and businesses who want to sell their products wholesale and organizations in the public sector.

For clothes that have been gently used or are still in wearable condition, Renu Recycle sends those pieces to third world countries and other areas of the world experiencing extreme poverty or hardships. Clothing in run-down shape that is no longer wearable is sent either to a fiber reclamation mill to be re-purposed into new clothing or another useable textile, or refashioned into wiping clothes used by various industries for cleaning purposes.

Renu Recycle also accepts other goods like books, shoes.

The process to get rid of clothing for cash is simple and requires little effort from the seller. With areas listed all around the West Midlands Region, interested sellers can either request a collection through the Renu Recycle online form, or call 01299 829111, to arrange a date and time to pick up the clothing. When the day is in place, the seller can bring the used clothing in boxes or bags to meet the driver and then payment will be made.

Recycling clothing is a process in which everyone involved wins.